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Drops of Pictures

Sprayrace Halo

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Summer Ready Package. Price includes Stainless Steel Structure Sprayrace ( Now Foldable to be even transported on motorcycle)

and Heavy duty suction pipes and 5,5 HP petrol driven Volume Pump.

South Africa delivered counter to counter

(Collecting at nearest Timefreight Depot)


Zimbabwe collecting at Harare R14900,

Zambia collecting at Lusaka (Global Logistics Mwiingwe Road) R15900,

Tanzania Dar Es Salaam R17900,

Lilongwe Malawi R16500.

Airfreight only to Kenya and Uganda weekly flights R16890.

South African Rand Prices are the base price. SWIFT TRANSFERS and EFT payments accepted. Stock on hand ensures fast dispatch. Some delays are possible on cross border consignments from time to time.


Plan 180 enquire to and mention your name and address and Plan 180. This allows the approved buyer to pay up to 6 installments towards a product from Sprayrace Africa Livestock Solutions (Pty) Ltd. This is valid for all South Africa and other sub saharan african countries. Terms and conditions apply. Cost of transport and other cost like importation fees do not apply to the agreement and will be always added on the end of the payment. The equipment is send after final and full payment of agreement and necessary transport and or shipping costs. This is interest free. The first 10 orders will recieve 5% discount when paid in full on their 180 payment.

Bank Details: First National Bank (South Africa)

Account: 62721562214

Branch: Woodlands 250655


Sprayrace Elite and Neckclamp for Cattle also available and prices on request to different destinations.